Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zoinks! Rebecca and Zachary Had a Birthday Mystery.

This groovy cake went to solve the mystery of the Twin Tikes Birthday Bash today.  Luckily this brother and sister both love this goofy hound and his spooky adventures. I love the Mystery Machine color palette--this cake was a blast start to finish. And I did get away with it, even with those meddling kids!

The cake is a 10" & 6" with one layer each of sour cream devil's food and white almond sour cream. The filling was vanilla Swiss meringue butter cream and under the marshmallow fondant the cakes were dressed in a layer of dark chocolate ganache. Scooby and the spooks are fondant gum paste over-painted with Americolor food painting and food safe marker (my husband used his  illustrating skills to really bring those fine details to life). Almond flavored buttercream finished the borders.


  1. OMG, if you lived near me I would so commission you to make L's cakes!

  2. That is such a fun cake! Nice job!