Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Apple Pie a la Lorie, well not exactly

The Independence Day holiday got me in an All-American mood, and that means Apple Pie!  This one was different in that I followed the recipe to. the. letter. Except for the two-hour wait to freeze the bottom crust before adding the hot apples. I rushed it. Which could be the equivalent of pastry suicide. Thankfully, it worked out just fine. And except for not using an egg wash on the top crust for that shiny, toasty finish. My littlest is allergic to eggs and he was doing an actual pie dance in the kitchen he was so excited to eat a dessert with the rest of the family. And except for the upgrade to 1 tsp of Dalwhinnie single malt scotch instead of the generic 1 tsp whisky listed. (note to self: baking with a bottle of Dalwhinnie on the counter can be dangerous) But for me, this is pretty damn close. And once again, thanks to Baked: New Frontiers in Baking for the recipe that made me not want to stray.
End result is a pie that's delicious and a perfect interpretation of the classic apple pie.

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