Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hot Wheeled Cake

I leveled up my cake decorating with this sweet sports coupe for my sweet boy Beck's 4th Birthday Party. As usual with my 'process' I was really far behind and wished I had another half day to work out the details and maybe do some awesome gum paste (makes very hard and detailed) accents like exhaust pipes and rearview mirrors.

This cake started out as two 9 x 13" and one 9" vanilla pound cakes stacked with a sturdy buttercream filling (nothing fancy like fruit--the goal was something stable to withstand the carving).  I also froze the cake over night before the carving.

Next came the basic shape and then my wonderful husband applied his artistic skills to map out the sculpting and to make some great detailed cuts.  By the time the fondant went on it was midnight, and then I stayed up another two hours hoping that it wouldn't fall apart.

Details came the next morning, and after having experienced this one, I'm really excited to do another sculpted cake and improve on my technique. I was planning on doing some hot-rod flames, but we settled on doing a quick paint job with blue luster dust.

... and just like that, it was gone!

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