Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What to do with a bottle of Heavy Whipping Cream?

Make cake, of course!   This is the Whipped Cream Cake from Melissa Gray's All Cakes Considered  which is credited to The American Woman's Cook Book, a popular cookbook with the great grandmother set when they were settling in to family cooking.  I decided on this cake because I had a big bottle of heavy whipping cream in the fridge that needed using before it turned into some other form on the spoiled dairy chain (and I'm not adventurous enough to make my own sour cream, et al.) It is a light, delicate vanilla cake; moist and perfect with a cup of coffee. I think anything more than a milk chocolate or light vanilla frosting would be overpowering. Fruit would also make a nice addition.

The frosting and filling is a Ghirardelli milk chocolate ganache (and that used up the bottle of cream, thankyouverymuch!). The darker glaze is the ganache straight out of the pan (cooled slightly) and the lighter is the same ganache but chilled and whipped in the mixer. I have some work to do with the ganache technique; there were quite a few air bubbles even after putting it through a fine strainer four times. And I believe my proportions of chocolate to cream were off as well. This was 1:1, with a panicky extra handful of chips thrown in when it started to look too thin.  Next time I make a glaze, I will do 1:2 with more chocolate.

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