Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Baby!

Little pink sneakers almost--and just almost-- make me want to try adding  a sweet little baby girl to the family.  But for now, I'm content bringing some sweetness to friends' baby showers. (but those shoes! the shoes!)

This cake is a six inch atop an eight inch Princess Sour Cream cake with raspberry filling.  Each cake is torted into four layers. The Princess flavor is courtesy of a special baking emulsion that imparts a light citrus and vanilla flavor--more oomph than a plain vanilla but not so strong as a full-pucker lemon.  The cakes are frosted in All American buttercream with fondant accents. 

The shoes are made from a sugar dough of fondant and gumpaste.  Working from a patter, dough is rolled out and then cut into each of the shoe pieces. After a bit of drying time to firm up, the pieces are placed together and held with a 'glue' of vodka (yes, a little for the shoes, a little for me was the rule).  Being sugar, they are  fragile and susceptible to humidity, so they are placed on the cake right before display.