Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE!

Start your engines and get ready for some fun! What's better than a big red monster truck to rip through the action at 5th birthday party?

This cake is a white almond sour cream with salted caramel buttercream. A thin layer of dark chocolate ganache topped it off before the fondant was applied. The tires are made from rice krispy treats formed and covered in fondant, making the whole cake edible. Silver luster dust is painted on for a shiny metallic finish.

The truck is elevated on a piece of cut florist foam covered in chocolate fondant. The cake board is coated with chocolate ganache and dusted with graham cracker 'sand' and decorated with jelly bean rocks.

The birthday boy's name on the tailgate and fancy candles in the bed make this cake ready for some big time party action.  The birthday boy loved his monster truck birthday cake--but not so much that he wasn't first in line when it got cut into big yummy pieces!

How do you get a cake to look like a truck? This is how I did it.

First 1/4 sheet cakes were baked, then cut to size based on proportions from my 'model'.

After doing some more detailed carving, a layer of buttercream and ganache is applied then the cake is chilled to create a firm base on which to apply the fondant. 

Instead of one big sheet of fondant over the entire cake, I applied layer and panels to create natural seams. The fondant on the windows was slightly marbled to give the impression of glass. 

Once the base was finished, I applied details such as bumpers, lights, trim and the most necessary hot flames. Tires were hung on a sharpened skewer pushed through the cake board and foam. The entire cake was staked onto the foam for security (and yes, it did almost slide off the base when I turned my back!)

A Birthday on Monday Cake

When your birthday is on a Monday, and after a holiday weekend, a simple cake to celebrate with family is the perfect choice. This was an egg-free Royal Vanilla Cake with All-American buttercream frosting in off white, brilliant aqua, and vibrant red.