Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's been a while...

Hello out there in bloggerland!  Thank you for stopping by and I apologize for leaving this blog hanging for the past few months.  While I love the intimacy of the blog format for sharing cakes and stories of how they have come to be, the gravitational pull of Facebook has conquered the weekly show and tell of Sugar Song Cake. 
 It has been a busy winter season for me, and I have had the opportunity to make many beautiful cakes for so many lovely customers!  I think that most anyone who is reading this blog now is also following me on Facebook, but if not I invite you to stop by and see what is happening!  You can find Sugar Song at:


or on my new website:


This blog is going dormant for a while, (unless there is some great outcry for mildly witty cake prose to go with some kick ass cakes.) In the meantime check me out above and keep it sweet! Hope to see you soon.